Find a BER Assessor

find a BER assessor

Find a BER Assessor in your local area

BER assessors are trained and registered by Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) in accordance with European law. Only BER assessors registered with SEAI may conduct assessments in Ireland.

Limerick Energy Rating assessors work in Limerick and Tipperary. We have a close working arrangement with Cork Energy Assessors you can contact Alan on 087 121 7761 for BER Assessment in Cork city and county.

There are also a number of other options to find a Ber assessor near you.

1. offer an online booking system where you can get quotes  from local BER Assessors. They are one of Ireland’s biggest network of local BER assessors with 300+ BER Assessors listed.


BER Assessors Association of Ireland was formed in 2009, shortly after the launch of the BER rating system.

The Association is a voluntary organisation their primary objective is to represent the interests of  local BER Assessors in issues with the government, SEAI and other stakeholders. The association has a great search page to find a BER assessor near you.


SEAI is Ireland’s national sustainable energy authority. They work with householders, businesses, communities and government to build a cleaner energy future. BER assessors are registered with the authority and their work and submissions are audited by the SEAI. This ensures quality control and accuracy of BER certification.

The SEAI have a page where you can search easily to find a BER assessor near you.

SEAI BER assessor search

Why find a BER assessor?

Building styles, techniques and materials have changed over the decades. As the 20th century progressed knowledge of the effect that the use of different materials have on a buildings insulation and energy efficiency improved. A BER assessor measures the different fabrics and techniques used to construct individual dwellings taking into consideration the different materials and building regulations applied.
This helps to determine the overall energy efficiency, that is how much energy will go into a building and how much will escape via uninsulated or under insulated areas in the construction. 

U values

All materials and building fabrics have measurable conductivity and heat transmission characteristics. “U” values are measured in watts of heat transfer by building elements over a given area. Thermal resistance is used to define a U value and  it is a heat property and a measurement of a temperature difference by which an object or material resists a heat flow. 
Equipped with knowledge of the thermal resistance, U values and other thermal factors affecting different materials, BER assessors determine how much energy should be required, used and lost by a building during its use using a software called DEAP. Standard occupancy by size of living area is assumed by this calculation.


Different types of fuel used to heat a house also have an effect on the overall energy efficiency of a building there is a significant difference between the cost of heating a house with gas, electricity or oil. The type and style of boiler and heating system in each building will also have a significant effect on its energy inputs and efficiencies.

BER Cost

The cost of the getting a BER rating for your house varies depending on its size and the reason for the rating – so an energy survey of an existing dwelling may cost between €200 and €400, but a rating for a new house could be more expensive. Visit our quote page for more information.
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