What will a BER cert cost?

BER cert cost

looking for a BER survey quote?

BER Cert Cost. A Building Energy Rating Certificate, or BER cert quote from Limerick Energy Rating is quick and easy. We work across the Golden Vale area, Limerick City and surrounding areas and we are fully insured and accredited with the SEAI as Domestic Building Energy Assessors. Please complete the form below for an email quote.

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Ballpark BER cert cost

Example BER cert cost inc VAT by Property type excluding potential travel and grant administration costs:

2 /3 Bedroom house  €190-250

Single storey 2 bed apartment €180-240

*Prices are for existing homes and are subject to change. They are only intended as a guide they include SEAI BER submission charges and VAT

. Prices are subject to surveyor discretion depending on survey and dimensional factors.

If you have any queries regarding a quote for a BER cert assessment please contact us directly at 0879444010 to discuss your BER Cert requirements in detail.

If your property is not located in the areas listed, or if any of your dwelling characteristics differ from those listed below, call us at 0879444010 or email LimerickEnergy@gmail.com

BER Quotation

To calculate the price for your survey, your property details are only provided to our assessors who cover Limerick and Tippeary, along with your email and phone number. If you do not want to give your phone number please put 0000 in telephone input field.

Limerick Energy Rating will NOT use your contact details again, other than a possible feedback email to check that you were happy with the ber cert cost service provided. Please read LER Privacy Policy for more information.

The Limerick Energy Rating will NOT use your contact details unless you have opted in to receive our free newsletter.

BER Survey Quotation

There are a number factors that will be taken into account during the survey. When the BER assessor has accumulated the required information then this will be inputted to the DEAP software. The software will then calculate your dwelling’s BER energy rating and recommendations for renovations to the home to improve your BER and energy efficiency. You should note that the certificate may contain several improvement ideas. E.G. There may be recommendations to upgrade your heating system and it’s controls. There could be a recommendation to insulate the walls and to add more insulation to the loft. More expensive measures may be the addition of Solar PV or hot water systems. It should be noted that these are recommendations and not obligations.

How do I obtain a BER and how much does a BER cert cost??

There are many suppliers of BER Certificates.  BER cert Costs do vary but our prices are reasonable and our service is second to none. Limerick Energy Rating will arrange for your BER to be delivered upon submission often via email. Note that all information listed here is a BER Cert cost outline only and can change without notice (due to Government policy and other factors). It is strongly advised to visit the appropriate Government web site for more comprehensive and up to date information.

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