What does a BER Assessor do?

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A BER Assessor calculates the energy required for space and hot water heating, ventilation, and lighting required by your home. The BER assessment method uses the standard occupancy for the given size of building based dwellings of  similar dimensions. BER assessments can only be published by SEAI registered BER Assessors. BER assessors use a standardized assessment procedure and a software package called DEAP – Dwelling Energy Assessment Procedure.

Limerick Energy Rating

Our lead BER Assessor Nyle Wolfe trained as a Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA) with ECMK in Birmingham receiving an ABBE (CertDEA) Certificate in Domestic Energy Assessment. He achieved with distinction his QQI BER assessor training with Energy Action IHER in Ireland. He is registered with the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) to complete Domestic Energy Assessments.

He can guide you in the process of achieving compliance with Building Regulations Part L for new builds and completion of BER certification for existing buildings for sale or rent

BER Assessor Niall

Energy Advice

A BER Assessor can help you start to plan the best energy improvements for your home

BER Assessor advice
BER Assessor Carbon reduction

Carbon Reduction

A Ber Assessor can help you make small changes to your property that can make big differences to your carbon footprint

Grant Applications

A BER assessor can advise about grants available to help pay for energy upgrades and insulation improvements for your home

BER Assessor grant application

How the BER assessor Works

A BER  survey takes an average of 40 to 90 minutes onsite, depending on the size of the dwelling. The property survey is non intrusive, that means no drills or knocking holes in the walls.  Full respect for a residents privacy and GDPR rules will be observed.
During the survey of the dwelling the BER assessor will need access to each room in the house. The BER assessor will also need access to the hot press, the attic, any heating controls and the boiler to determine its age and efficiency.
After the site visit the BER assessor will return to the office to complete the relevant paperwork. The recorded information is calculated using a software package called DEAP (dwelling energy assessment procedure). The software is licensed and controlled by the Irish government body the sustainable energy association Ireland SEAI. Ber Assessors work to a strict code of practice and are audited regularly to show evidence of compliance and competence. Once issued the BER cert is valid for 10 years unless material changes are made to the structure sooner.

BER predictions

The predicted energy use on an BER energy performance certificate are based on certain assumptions. 


Historical weather patterns are used in the calculation.  The resulting savings can and will change in the real world especially with climate change. But a more efficient home will mean less environmental damage in the first instance.

Another factor is the standard occupancy which is used to assume the number of people living in a specific size of dwelling. the catch is not all three bedroom homes have five people occupying them. 
These assumptions mean the energy savings may not result in the actual costs.

BER Assumptions

Other factors that define the real world bills are the varying comfort levels that individuals like to live in. Some home owners like to have a warmer space than others. Some people will be working from home during the day but in the assessment calculation the costs are worked out for as for two hours heating in the morning and during the evening and at weekends. 
The assessment also assumes the correct use of heating controls but many people will not use them or use them differently.
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