What's the Cost of Ber cert assessment?

cost of BER cert

The pricing for our BER Cert rating services are competitive. If you would like an exact quote for the cost of BER cert survey, please fill out our BER certification quote enquiry form below.

Example BER Fees* by Property type:

4/5 Bedroom house with extension €250

4/5 Bedroom house €220

3 Bedroom house with extension €235

2/3 Bedroom house €200

2/3 Bedroom Duplex (2 storey €200

Apartment (single storey, up to 2 bedrooms) €200

*prices are subject to change and only intended as a guide.
*Fees include SEAI Cert Charges and VAT
*Prices are for existing homes. Fees for new builds, extentions and refurbishments are subject to quotation
*Apartment prices are subject to surveyor discretion depending on survey factors

If you have any queries regarding the cost of BER cert assessments please contact us directly at 0879444010 to discuss your BER Cert requirements in detail, or fill out the form on our Contact Page >

If your property is not located in the golden vale or in the areas listed, or if any of your dwelling characteristics differ from those listed below, call us at 0879444010 or email LimerickEnergy@gmail.com

Quote for Cost of BER Cert Assessment

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